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Renewable Energy Technologies

We are passionate about renewable technologies and the benefits they provide both to end users as well as the environment itself. Such is our commitment that over recent years we have invested in training to enable us to deliver a number of technologies as outlined below.

Ground Source Heat Pump

A ground source heat pump is a central heating technology which transfers heat either to or from the earth depending on the time of year. As a result it provides a stable temperature and can act as either a heating or cooling system dependent upon the time of year.

Air Source Heat Pump

An Air Source Heat Pump is a system which transfers heat from outside a building inside or vice versa. When specified correctly an Air Source Heat Pump can provide a full central heating solution and supply domestic hot water up to 80 degree centigrade.

Solar Panels

Solar panels capture the suns energy and convert it into electricity which can in turn be used to power systems within a property such as heating or lighting for example.

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Gespia Blind Riveting Systems Ltd

GJW Plumbing and Heating have worked for me for over 10 years. The company has always responded rapidly to any emergency, willingly working out of hours if required, and quite prepared to work inside our flexible shifts. They are always punctual, work tidily, providing a high level of quality workmanship with a wide knowledge of […]

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